The Starlets strive to provide the highest standard of professional training in all areas of the Performing Arts. We will practice in a safe environment where teamwork and communication is essential. All Students are treated equally and are encouraged to nurture their talents with the mutual respect and support between students teachers and parents.


Behaviour and conduct

The Starlets stand firm on a strong Anti- Bullying Policy.

The Principal and Teachers decisions are final and should be respected by students and parents.

Uniform must be worn at all times. Children will be asked to sit out if the correct uniform is not worn. Correct Shoes must be brought to class and worn. Students will be asked to sit out if the correct footwear is not worn. Hair needs to be up and off the face for all classes. Acrobatics, hair will need to be in a bun this is compulsory.

Any slandering of the school, students, parents and teachers in any form including on social networking sites is not acceptable. Unacceptable behaviour from students, parents and teachers in any way when representing the school in public will lead to a suspension period. Any further incidents will result in exclusion

Parents are not permitted to enter the dance studio at any time.

Social Media 

The school uses social media for its advertising and publication purposes, students and parents are actively encouraged to follow the school. Teachers and staff of the school will not engage in social communication with students who are under the age of 18.  Any concerns must be raised with Miss Kerry.​


Should four weeks of lessons be missed then classes will need to be paid in full. 

If a student is injured its beneficial and a recommendation that they watch classes. These classes still need to be paid for in full. If  an acceptable level of  attendance is not met, teachers reserve the right to withdraw students from performances.

Notice must be given for absence in classes else a fee will be charged for the class

If your child wishes not to continue with a class / subject a period of 4 weeks paid notice must be given to Mrs Kerry Daisley.​

Health & Safety

Teachers may have to have a 'hands on approach' when teaching to aid technique or support Acro Lifts.

As a school we train to the highest standard. Accidents and injuries may occur due to the nature of dance, Performing Arts and activities. By signing the registration form parents and carers assume all risks related to the use of any and all spaces used by The Starlets School of Perfoming Arts. Parents and carers  agree to release from responsibility Starlets School of Performing Arts including all teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by both entities from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. The Starlets School of Perfoming Arts will not be held liable for any personal injury including: scrapes, bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures, broken bones, concussions or death or any personal property damage/loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes.  The Starlets and all of the teachers take no responsibility for injuries that may be caused.

No jewellery is to be worn to any class – This is compulsory​

Production & Choreography

Permission must be obtained if you wish to perform routines in any event outside of The Starlets School of Performing Arts.  Due to conflict of interest, attending another Dance / Performing Arts School is prohibited.

The choreographers work should not be shared and the copyright is owned by the Starlets School of Performing Arts.

Make up is compulsory for all students for all performances.

Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the principal. All students will be performing in our annual production. You are responsible for informing the school if you do not want you child to take part.

If your child wishes to undertake any external classes, workshops and auditions for any event or production outside of The Starlets School of Performing Arts,  included ones advertised within the school permission must be given by Miss Kerry at the earliest opportunity. ​


No troupe costumes are to be worn as solo costumes. Costumes, head dresses and  props need to be paid in full before collection and performances.

All costumes that are paid for through the schools fundraising fund are the schools property.

Costumes including accessories are to be in the original condition otherwise charges will be applied. Any Starlets merchandise, t shirts, hoodies or uniform purchased on your behalf must be paid in full when the order is placed.

Fees & Tickets 

Fees are to paid and up to date by the last Friday of every month. Failure to do this will result in your child not taking part in classes.

A variety of payment methods are available. I understand that my child may not be able to take part in classes or extra activities unless fees are up to date. 

Tickets for performances must be purchased at the charges applied even if your child is taking part in the performance.

Purchasing tickets for performances is your responsibility. The Starlets School of Performing Arts will not purchase any ticket on behalf of parents or students. 


All parents that wishto chaperone backstage MUST hold a chaperones licence. To apply follow the link below.

Only licenced chaperones will be allowed access back stage when asked to chaperone and at no other times.

Licenses can take up to 8 weeks to process. You are responsible for the maintenance and validity of your licence . 

Chaperones will be selected and allocated by the school principal for each individual  performance.​

Examinations, Classes & Rehearsal 

Parents and Students will receive a notification when teachers feel students are ready to take a graded examination.

All class fees , examinations and dance festival fees must be paid in full before entrance to exams / festivals are submitted. 

When students are entered for examinations or festivals full attendance to classes is expected to maintain the high standard of performance. Teachers reserve the right to withdraw the student’s entry. In this case no refunds will be given.

The  Principal and teachers will decide when students are ready to move between classes

Your child may be asked to attend additional rehearsal sessions these session are compulsory and will have an additional fee.​


All communications from the school will now be made initially via email.

You are responsible for monitoring your own email account and keeping your email address and contact details up to date with the school. ​

Photographs and video

Photographs may NOT be taken during classes or performances except with pre gained permission from Miss Kerry. Photographs / videos will be used for training purposes.

The Starlets School of Performing Arts photographs and videos may be used on line, in media and advertising.

DVDs of performances will always be on sale to the General public 

No photography is to be taken in any changing room. Except by pre agreement with our team of photographers/videographers ie. backstage footage. This will only be conducted with Miss Kerry's prior knowledge and agreement. ​

Equal opportunities 

The Starlets School of Performing Arts follows and adheres to an equal opportunity policy.

The Starlets School of Performing Arts reserves the
right to add and amend the code of conduct.

Any changes will be communicated.- 2019

Online classes - Updated 16th May 2020

Students participating must have a parent / Guardian present, or have consent to participate in this activity. Given the nature of these activities, you participate at own risk and should only do those activities that you consider safe for your own body and the space that you are working in. Before participating, please consider if you have enough clear space, that is free of obstacles, and suitable to work in safely; that the floor surface is suitable to work, and that you have footwear appropriate for that surface. As working remotely we are unable to give you personal feedback. Please warm-up and cool-down appropriately (before and after the session) and do feel free to stop/and or modify activities as necessary. Teachers and The Startlets School of Performing Arts accept no responsibility for any injuries or damage done to property while taking part in online classes.

UPDATE 29/06/2020 - Dancing bubbles

In addition to the statements above. When taking part in the Starlets classes outside, I am taking part completely at your my/ our own risk. The Starlets school of Performing Arts accepts no responsibility for any injuries obtained during these classes. I understand that correct attire and footwear Needs to be worn to participate. I understand that these classes will be ran in line with government guidelines so I must strictly adhere to times. If we are having to isolate or are showing Covid symptoms my child/ I should not attend. In an emergency situation I accept that Starlets school of performing arts teachers may need to break with social distancing in order to assist my child/ myself.

I will ensure my child has suncream applied if the weather requires it and to be prepared with a hat. By allowing my child to attend the classes I agree to the above and accept and understand the statements.

UPDATE 23/07/2020 - Return to Dancing

As we look at returning to Dance classes in both Thurmaston and Melton information will be sent to all parents / carers to be read and signed. This may change at any time as the school follows up to date government guidelines.