COVID - 19


Afternoon all....


Well here we are again! We will be opening 12th April 2021!

I am quite emotional again writing this as am truly grateful of all of your love and support over what has been a very hard time yet again for us all. I have received so much support and kindness it is certainly a time I will never forget. It really has made me realise just what a special Dancing community we are. Sadly many Schools are closing their doors for good but I know we will come back Bigger and Better than ever before! We have so much to look forward to and so much now in the pipeline for our future- so watch this space! We now have end in sight. 


All guidelines are forever changing- so please do bare with me- timetables may have slightly changed from what we have been working too online with groups etc and will continue to change as guidelines allow us to open to get us back to where we left on Friday 20th March 2020.  It seems like so long ago! I ask you to please re digest all the information of our return. We will continue to ask for health forms weekly- this we hope to start phasing off by May time- but for this return i want them in place. It is down to us all to make our return a safe one, therefore please ensure your child is prepared. The Health and Safety video will be reposted on the family page- again make sure they are aware.


I truly cannot wait to welcome you all back! All of the teachers feel the same- we have missed you all so much. It's true what they say, you never realise just what you have until it's taken away- I hope you all feel the same. The student's dedication online will now show through and when we come back into the studio and see the results! 


ZOOMING is now for no other reason unless due to class capacity needs or for isolating students. It has been something we are lucky to have had but we now need life to return to normal and we want the students in person for thier classes.


Please study the timetable and groups if there are any problem's please do not 

hesitate to be in touch- remember we want this to work and be successful within the guidelines we have. We certainly aren't wanting to cause problems however we can only do what we are able at this stage of the pandemic.


One thing is for sure....I'M SO EXCITED to see you all!!!!!!! Team Starlets are going to shine brighter than EVER before! I hope you're ready!!!!


All my love and thanks- Miss Kerry xxxxxxx


Online classes - Updated 16th May 2020          

Students participating must have a parent / Guardian present, or have consent to participate in this activity. Given the nature of these activities, you participate at own risk and should only do those activities that you consider safe for your own body and the space that you are working in. Before participating, please consider if you have enough clear space, that is free of obstacles, and suitable to work in safely; that the floor surface is suitable to work, and that you have footwear appropriate for that surface. As working remotely we are unable to give you personal feedback. Please warm-up and cool-down appropriately (before and after the session) and do feel free to stop/and or modify activities as necessary. Teachers and The Starlets School of Performing Arts accept no responsibility for any injuries or damage done to property while taking part in online classes.

UPDATE 29/06/2020 - Dancing bubbles

In addition to the statements above. When taking part in the Starlets classes outside, I am taking part completely at your my/ our own risk. The Starlets school of Performing Arts accepts no responsibility for any injuries obtained during these classes. I understand that correct attire and footwear Needs to be worn to participate. I understand that these classes will be ran in line with government guidelines so I must strictly adhere to times. If we are having to isolate or are showing Covid symptoms my child/ I should not attend. In an emergency situation I accept that Starlets school of performing arts teachers may need to break with social distancing in order to assist my child/ myself.

I will ensure my child has suncream applied if the weather requires it and to be prepared with a hat. By allowing my child to attend the classes I agree to the above and accept and understand the statements.

UPDATE 23/07/2020 - Return to Dancing

As we look at returning to Dance classes in both Thurmaston and Melton information will be sent to all parents / carers to be read and signed. This may change at any time as the school follows up to date government guidelines.


COVID UPDATE 26/07/2021

Further to recent cases of covid within our school, we have made the decision to place the following into action effective immediately.

Parents and students must notify us of any symptoms or positive lateral flow tests immediately. Affected Students and families should not attend classes until a PCR test is complete which either shows a negative result or have completed isolation for the appropriate length. Households should follow government guidelines on isolating until either a negative PCR test has been returned, or negative lateral flow tests after 10 days isolation, Proof of this will be sought prior to dancers returning to any classes. ANYONE found to be in breach of these new guidelines will have their place at the Starlets terminated immediately. We consider ourselves to be one big family and therefore we should be looking after each other as such.